The priests in St Charles Borromeo parish

Father Marek Augustyn, Ph.D., OFM Conv.: Parish Priest (Pastor) and custodian of the shrine of Our Lady of Grace

Father Andrzej Łaniecki, OFM Conv.: parochial vicar, catechist

Father Marian Michasiów, OFM Conv.: community vicar, students’ group, school catechist

Father Arkadiusz Żelechowski, OFM Conv.: English-speaking priest and Rector of the Pastoral Centre for English-Speakers in Wrocław.

Father Kazimierz Sebastyanka, OFM Conv.: parish priest

Father Józef Trybal, OFM Conv.: parish priest

Father Stanisław Sikora, OFM Conv.: chaplain of the oncology hospital

Father Jan Czarnik, OFM Conv.: school catechist

Father Rafał Bendkowski, OFM Conv.: parish priest, adult catechesis

Brother Jacek Kubas, OFM Conv.: Sacristan

Brother Rafał Szymański, OFM Conv.

If you wish to contact any of the other priests in the parish, see the parish website for their contact information at, or phone the parish office at (48) 71 361 52 16. You will need to speak Polish when contacting the parish office.