On Sunday November 12, we’ll have our monthly social meeting after the English Mass. This is an informal gathering in the parish cafe, where we have a chance to meet new people, have some tea and cookies, and talk.

The parish cafe is located across the street from the church, behind the house at Krucza 58 (the house with the rooster on the top). If you have never been to the cafe, just wait by the doors nearest the chapel entrance to the church, and someone will greet you and show you the way to the cafe. It’s always a fun time; we hope we’ll see you there!

It’s traditional in Poland to pray for the souls of the faithful departed during the month of November. People write down the names of the faithful departed on papers provided in their parishes and the names are read at Masses throughout the month.

On Sunday, November 19, we will celebrate our English Mass for the repose of the souls of our departed relatives, friends and benefactors. In the weeks before the 19th, you will find yellow papers near the Bulletins (on the chair at the back of the church in the main aisle and on the table near the chapel entrance of the church). Take one home and write down the first names only of the dead for whom you wish to pray. You can return the yellow papers in the collection basket at Mass or to the sacristy after Mass. The names written on the papers will be read out at the beginning of Mass on Sunday the 19th.

Please remember only to use the yellow papers if you want your departed friends, family and benefactors to be remembered in our Mass. The white papers are for use at Polish-language Masses and will not be used during our Mass.

Please check this page during the month of November for updates on events.