man on phone in church, textIf you are a Catholic man who regularly attends the English Mass, you’re invited to become an altar server.

This invitation is open to all Catholic men: you do not have to have any experience serving at the altar, and you do not have to speak perfect English.  You just need a heart open to serving the Church in the Mass, and a willingness to cooperate with an international group of men who will work together assisting the priest at Mass.

Fr Arek will organize a meeting to teach you the basic duties of an altar server.  In time, you’ll learn how to help at adoration and how to participate in processions at solemn Masses and on special holy days.

You will not be required to serve every Sunday.  When you are trained, you’ll be asked every month which Sundays you are free to serve, and a schedule will be sent to you.  Also, there will be other men serving at the altar with you, so you won’t be alone without anyone to help you as you get used to your duties during Mass.  In time, as new men join with you in serving at the altar, you will be able to share your skills and experience with them.

We hope to have at one solemn Mass per month (with a procession, candles and incense) where several altar servers would be needed for the procession at the beginning of Mass.

If you are interested in becoming part of this group of men, please go to the sacristy after Mass and put your name on the contact list, or contact Fr Arek by email this week, using the Pastoral Center contact form (he’ll need your name, email and phone number for the contact list).