Thanks to everyone who participated in our 10th Anniversary Mass and celebration afterward.  It was great to see so many familiar faces, and quite a few new people coming to our social hour in the garden.

The anniversary social hour was the last time we’ll meet after Mass now that summer is upon us.  The parish staff take their holidays and parish rooms are mostly closed in the summer.  We’ll start again with social meetings probably in September or October.  We’re still thinking about/planning a trip to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy outside of Kraków in the autumn.  Keep it in mind and plan to come along!

Some announcements:

1. Fr Arek will be away for the next five or six Sundays, so we will have visiting priests celebrating Mass starting on June 25.  Fr Arek will be in Wrocław from the 26th til the 30th/31st, so if you want confession with Fr Arek or you need him for some reason, it will still be possible to contact him.  However, he will be away from Wrocław the whole of July.  (Pray for his safe travels and return to us.)

This means that if you urgently need confession or the help of an English-speaking priest, you should contact the Pastoral Centre through the website.  Emails are checked every day, and we can try to find an English-speaking priest in the city who can help you.  In a situation where someone is dying, and language does not matter (last sacraments), contact the parish directly (you’ll need to speak Polish).  If you’re in a hospital and need a priest, make your need known to an English-speaking staff member.  All Polish hospitals have Catholic chaplains on their staff, and someone will know how to contact the priest to attend to you.  Again, the priest may not speak English, but a staff member should be able to translate your wish for communion or the sacrament of the sick.

2. Our visiting priests will try to be available for confession before Mass, but depending on how far they have to travel, they might not be able to arrive a full 1/2 hour early.  If you arrive 1/2 hour early and let someone know that you need confession, the visiting priest is more likely to attend to you as soon as he arrives at the church.

Please remember that when there is only one priest available for Mass, he needs to leave the confessional at least 5 minutes before Mass, so he can put on his vestments and say his pre-Mass prayers.  Keep an eye on the time, and if it’s five minutes before Mass, you’ll have to ask for confession after Mass.  Just go to the sacristy (the small room where the priest goes after Mass, to the left of the altar), and approach the priest before he leaves after Mass.

3.  In summer, the Mass schedule changes in most – if not all – Polish parishes.  Priests take summer holidays, which means there are fewer priests serving in each parish, and hence a reduced number of Masses.  So if you are accustomed to attending a particular Mass in Polish during the week or on Sunday, double-check with your parish’s website, to make sure that your favorite Mass will still be held in July and August.

4. Our Mass schedule for the English Mass changes as of the first Sunday in July, the 2nd.  English Masses on all Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation (August 15) in July and August will be at 6PM (18:00).  There will be no Masses in St Charles Parish at 4PM or 5PM in July and August.  The last Masses of Sunday will be 6PM (English) and 7PM (Polish).