1. Thanks to Fr Janusz Śliwa, SJ, for celebrating Mass with us this Sunday.  You can read his homily here. Perhaps we’ll have the pleasure of having Fr Janusz with us again some time.

2. We’re having our monthly meeting for foreigners after Mass next Sunday, 14 May.  We’ll finalize the details for the trip to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy, so if you’re interested in the trip, please come.  And even if you’re not able to come on the trip (May 20), come to the meeting anyway!  Everyone is welcome and it’s a lot of fun to meet people from different countries.  Last time we had people from India, two African countries, Italy, Spain, France, Malaysia, Finland, the US, England and Poland.  Many interesting conversations with such a diverse mix of people!

3.  English-speakers may be interested in a day-long (9-19:00) meeting with Fr John Bashoboro, on 28 May in Hala Orbita in Wrocław.  Fr Bashoboro is a Ugandan priest who is well-known in the field of charismatic renewal and healing and deliverance ministries.  He speaks English with a Polish interpreter, so it is possible to understand his speeches if you don’t know Polish.  Addresses by Fr Bashoboro will be at 10:00, 12:00 and 15:30.  There will be holy Mass at 17:30 and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at 19:00.  These are very powerful events; one can definitely feel the movement of the Holy Spirit during Adoration.  For those who are physically ill or have emotional problems, are burdened by a painful past or need to be set free from the consequences of involvement in the occult, this is an opportunity for great spiritual comfort and even special healing.

This is a paid event, with ticket prices ranging from 38-60 zloties for the remaining seats.