Everyone is invited to join us for a one-day pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy in the suburb of Łagiewniki outside of Kraków on Saturday, 20 May.

The Sanctuary is the convent where St Faustina Kowalska lived in her final years and died. St Faustina was a visionary whom Jesus entrusted with the mission of spreading devotion to his Divine Mercy, and the creation of the image of Divine Mercy.

Here’s a proposed itinerary for the day (details could change):1514CNS-DivineMercyWEB2

  • Leave Wrocław around 8AM by bus or train
  • Arrive in Kraków around 11AM and walk to the Franciscan Basilica and Seminary
  • Private Mass at the Franciscan seminary
  • Tour of the Basilica (includes a copy of the Shroud of Turin)
  • Mid-day meal in Kraków (in a restaurant, or you can bring your own meal)
  • Go to the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy by tram.
  • Praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet at the Sanctuary at 3PM (the Hour of Mercy)
  • Veneration of the relics of St Faustina Kowalska and visiting the Sanctuary
  • Walk to the Sanctuary of St John Paul II
  • Return to Kraków city center in time to have a snack at a cafe
  • Return to Wrocław (time depends on the train/bus schedule)

The cost of the trip will depend on the price of transportation and meals/snacks and if you decide to buy souvenirs – perhaps 100-150 zloties per person.

If you’re interested in coming on the pilgrimage, please either sign up on the list in the sacristy after Mass, or use the contact form on this site to get in touch with us.

Putting your name on the list is not an obligation to go on the pilgrimage. At this point, we’re just interested in knowing approximately how many people might come, so we can prepare what we need for Mass in English.